Trigger Point Massage

​Similar to Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Massage is a great way to reduce muscular aches and pains through concentrated, static pressure on specific trigger points or knots that may be referring pain to another area.  Your Massage Therapist will often use elbows or thumbs to gently and painlessly release taut bands in the muscles tissue to relieve pain.

30min $35  |  60min $65  |  90min $90

Kinesiology Taping

​Kinesiology Taping involves the use of a soft, elastic tape on affected muscles or tissue in order to signal the brain to correct any compensation or faulty muscle patterns that may be leading to incorrect posture or pain.  A full session involves an intake and exam with brief application of manual therapy to increase mobility in the joint and relieve muscle stiffness, followed by the application of tape to the affected muscle or joint.  The session will conclude with recommendations for corrective exercises for stretching or strengthening of involved tissue.  Kinesiology taping may also be added on to an existing service or you may come in for re-taping of the same area for a discounted price as the intake and exam have already been completed.

Full Session $40  |  Add-on $20  |  Re-Tape $10  

Initial Acupuncture Treatment
​For first-time patients.  Treatment includes consultation, exam and Acupuncture treatment. 


Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment

For returning patients.  Treatment includes follow-up exam/consultation and Acupuncture Treatment.


Adjunctive Therapies


​Pressure points on the feet are massaged to affect other areas of the body and organs. 

30min $45  |  60min $75  


Swedish Massage

​Melt away the stress with a relaxing Swedish Massage.  Swedish Massage combines long, flowing strokes with gentle kneading to soothe and calm the nervous system allowing the body to relax and recuperate from the stresses of daily life.

​30min $35  |  60min $65  |  90min $90

Deep Tissue Massage

​If you are currently experiencing pain a Deep Tissue Massage is the way to go.  Deep Tissue Massage is geared more towards reducing muscular tension and removing restrictions to normal range of motion.  In order to access the deeper tissue layers your massage therapist will use slow, concentrated strokes to gently and painlessly release superficial muscle layers and slowly work into the deeper layers of muscle.  Your Massage Therapist will work all aspects and attachments of the muscle to ensure release and reduction of tension and pain.

30min $35  |  60min $65  |  90min $90


Hot Stone Massage or Aromatherapy

​Relax into a massage fog as your massage therapist uses heated stones to melt away all your stress and tension.  The heat from the stones will turn your muscles to jelly.  Great for winter time.

​During an Aromatherapy Massage your Massage Therapist uses a blend of essential oils to calm and soothe the mind and body.  Choose from Lavender, Sweet Orange, Peppermint or Eucalyptus.

60min $75  |  90min $100

Optimum Health

Acupuncture and Massage

Cupping/Medicupping Massage

​Glass or plastic cups are used to create a suction or pull on the skin to gently lift fascia and skin, increasing mobility in skin and fascia.  The increase in local blood circulation helps to flush metabolic waste products and stagnation from the muscle tissue, thereby relieving muscle tension and pain.  Receive as a separate session or add on to an existing treatment.

30min $40  |  60min $70  |  Add-on (15min) $20